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About us


Hello, I'm The BEST GOLF GUY... and what that means is I'm the guy who puts hundreds of hours into testing all kinds of golf gear for all different levels to find the best of the best in each category.


How do I do this? Well, I couldn't do it without my team and a large network of professional and amateur golfers at my disposal. Fortunately for me, I know a lot of people in the golf game, so I'm using this network to give you the best possible opinions and golf gear reviews that I can.

Our team of testers consists of many individuals who are experienced golfers with different skill levels and playing styles. They may include both male and female golfers, as well as golfers of different ages and backgrounds.

The main purpose of the team is to test and evaluate different golf gear, such as clubs, balls, shoes, and other accessories, and provide feedback on their performance and usability. 

The team members will typically use the gear under various conditions, such as different types of courses, weather conditions, and playing styles. They will provide detailed feedback on the performance of the gear, including factors such as distance, accuracy, spin, feel, and durability.


I hope this site helps you take your game to the next level!

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