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Best PS5 Golf Games 2023

Updated: 33 minutes ago

What are the best PS5 golf games over the last few years? What is the best golf video game of 2023 overall? There is a lot to choose from, but the best PS5 golf games come down to several finalists. Check out our reviews of each one and you be the judge on which one is best for you. We're finding out which is currently the best golf video game of 2023 just for you. We put hours into every golf video game we could find on the market today for 2022, 2023 & 2024 and we put a nice list together of the best of the best. Enjoy!

Best Golf Video Game 2023 - Our Top 7 Quick Picks

  1. PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Edition 2023 (PS, XBOX, PC)

  2. PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition 2023


  4. PS5 VR Bundle (5 Games + Golf VR)

  5. Virtual Reality Golf - Meta Quest 2

  6. PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Xbox [Digital]

  7. The Golf Club 2 (PS & XBOX)

Best overall 2023 PS5 Golf Game for PS4, PS5, XBox & PC (Digital and Traditional):PGA Tour 2K23

PS5 Golf Games 2023 - Our Top Picks Best Golf Video Game


Best PS5 Golf Game of the Year - (Both Editions)

PGA 2K23 Deluxe Edition / PGA 2K23 Standard Edition


After putting in a good amount of hours of playing into PGA 2k23 for the PS5, this is definitely a big step up from PGA 2k21. I originally was calling this game Tiger Woods 2K23 because that's why most people initially bought this game, but after great reviews after release it became the top golf video game of the year.

You can choose to play with pros like Tiger Woods, Rahm, Zalatoris, JT, Collin, Xander, Fowler, Finau, and tons more, plus all the female pro golfers as well. There's so much to do in this game, it's impossible to get bored.

  • You can create your own dream course.

  • Play others with the 1-4 player local and online options

  • You can also manage tournaments and seasons

The PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Edition includes the PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition, plus the Michael Jordan Bonus Pack, Deluxe Bonus Pack, 3-Day Early Access, Golden Club Pack, and more.


Best Golf Games For PS5 (Runner-Up)

EA SPORTS PGA Tour - PlayStation 5

EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 has finally been released for the PS5. I asked my gamer friends if it was worth the wait and all of them who purchases this game said, "YES." Here are the reasons they gave:

  1. This game has been developing for years since "Rory McIlroy PGA Tour" in 2015, and the return to consoles will feature stark contrasts compared to those that came before.

  2. The game will include 30 courses in total, and boasts some of the world's most prominent venues such as Augusta National Golf Club, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Southern Hills Country Club and more.

  3. The game will include a role playing game mode-type progression in the Road to the Masters.

  4. You create and customize a golfer and develop their skills through the 20 different shot types and even have the chance to wear the green jacket.

  5. Hard copy versions will be hard to come by when released because gamers have been waiting for this game for a while.


Best PS5 Golf Game for PS5 (Third Place)



Play 3D Minigolf on the Playstation 5 now and experience 54 challenging holes. Choose from 54 courses of 3D Minigolf. 18 of these courses are based on real world courses.

Beat your own scores in challenge and tournament game modes, keep track of your best scoures in stats and collect virtual rewards. Compete with friends in the local multiplayer mode for up to 4 players.