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I Found The BEST Office Putting Set EVER

You read the title correctly, I found the best office putting set I have ever played on! I was at my buddies home office the other day and after he pulled out his new office putting set, we were hooked. I'm a PGA Pro, my buddies are not, but we all loved it.

As soon as I got home I ordered my own, then I started writing this review because all you people looking for a new indoor putting green need to know how amazing this one is.

The best office putting set I've ever tried...

Introducing my new favorite indoor putting green... The Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat

The Perfect Practice V5 office putting set is a premium quality putting set designed for golf enthusiasts and beginners alike. It features high-quality materials and innovative features that can help golfers of all skill levels improve their putting game. Whether you're PGA pro like myself or an amateur like my friends... you'll love it. And if you get it and hate it, come yell at me... buy you will love it.

If you want a comparison: I currently own...

  • Loowoko Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return.

  • AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green.

  • Putt-A-Bout Par 3 Putting Green.

And I like them all. But the Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat blows them all away.

The entire indoor putting green set includes a 9-foot putting mat that is the closest to the real thing as any other indoor putting green I have ever tried... and I have tried many of them. The mat is equipped with alignment lines that actually REALLY help with aim and accuracy, making it easier to sink those tricky putts.

The set also comes with a variety of training aids, including the Perfect Putting Mirror, which helps golfers develop the correct putting posture and alignment, and the Perfect Putting Gates, which provides a visual aid for golfers to practice hitting the ball through the gate, improving their accuracy and speed control. Seriously these extra training aids are pretty cool. I never usually use the extra training aids with these types of products, but they do help and I can see how they would translate to the real thing.

The V5 office putting set also features an automatic ball return system, which is friggin awesome. It never gets jammed or anything, it worked every time, so it saves time and allows golfers to focus on their putting technique. Additionally, the set includes a built-in hole reducer that helps golfers practice sinking shorter putts.

Seriously, this is my totally unbiased review... this is the all around best indoor putting mat I have tried and I been around the block... the Perfect Practice V5 office putting set will keep you busy for hours and it's under $200. So if you're looking for an indoor putting green, I STRONGLY recommend this bad boy.

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