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Hottest Female Golfers in 2023 (Top 3)

Today we review the top 3 hottest female golfers, which has some popular names you’ll recognize, not necessairily for their golf skills.



#1 Hottest Female Golfer:

Grace Charis

Grace Charis has turned quite a few heads on the golf course, but necessary because of her golf skills. Although Grace is a known golfer, it is clear that she is well-known for more than just her game. Charis is only 19 years old with an OnlyFans account and over 48 million likes for her golfing videos, in which she is usually sporting her usual braless look in a low-cut shirt, as well as a skimpy, short skirt. She only has a few hundred videos on TikTok, but she outperforms influencers with far more videos in terms of engagement and followers.

There is a clear reason why her NSFW articles on the subscription site have over 120,000 likes. On Instagram, she refers to herself as "your favorite golf gal," but in her OnlyFans bio, she says, "Yeah, I got an NFT. Nice F- in ties.

When it comes to golf... Grace Charis turned pro in 2015 and has since achieved significant success, including multiple top-10 finishes and a victory at the 2020 Tipsport Czech Ladies Open. Charis is known for her accuracy off the tee and her consistency on the greens.


#2 Hottest Female Golfer:

Lexi Thompson

Although Lexi Thompson is a professional golfer with many impressive achievements on the LPGA Tour, she's most known for her scantily clad photos all over the internet. Over the years she’s become a major sex symbol on the LPGA tour. That’s because even during serious golf tournaments, she seems to always show up looking like she's prepared for a sexy photo shoot – even whilst wearing her golfing attire.

She turned pro at a young age and has since won multiple tournaments, including a major championship in 2014. Thompson is known for her powerful swing, accuracy, and mental toughness on the course.

Additionally, she has represented the United States in numerous international competitions and is a respected figure in the golf community. Off the course, Thompson is also known for her philanthropic work and dedication to giving back to the community.


#3 Hottest Female Golfer:

Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac is a decent "golfer" best known for her social media presence and her efforts to promote golf to a wider audience. And by efforts, we mean showcasing her ASSets to her 3 million+ followers on Instagram.

Unlike others on this list, Paige has not achieved significant success as a professional golfer, but for some reason, Spiranac has become a well-known figure in the sport. Can anyone guess why?

You can safely say, that when Paige is on tour, there’ll be tons of people tuning in, just to watch her do her strut her stuff on the golf course. She could go 10 over par, and no one would really bat an eyelid.

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