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I Test Several Wilson Golf Balls & Give Honest Reviews

As a PGA Pro golfer who's tried many different brands of golf balls, I get asked a lot about the performance gap between popular high-priced brands vs the more affordable options. But more than most, I get asked about how Wilson Golf Balls compare to higher-end brands like Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and others. Wilson is a very familiar sports brand, but people tend to overlook their golf products. And until recently, I could never give an honest opinion on Wilson Golf Balls because I didn't have much experience using them.

However, I am the man of the people... you ask and I listen. So, I went out and bought several boxes of Wilson's five best Golf Ball models and spent hours testing them on my new OptiShot 2 golf simulator.

Here are my results:

  1. BEST OVERALL - Wilson Triad Golf Balls

  2. BEST FOR LOW HANDICAP - Wilson Staff Golf Balls


  4. HIGH HANDICAP/HIGH SPIN - Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls

  5. SOFTEST BALL - Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

My Honest, Unbiased Reviews on 5 Wilson Golf Balls

One of the key selling points of Wilson golf balls is their affordability, making them a great value for those on a budget. While they may not offer the same level of performance as more expensive balls, they still provide good distance and spin control, allowing golfers to achieve decent accuracy and power in their shots.

The soft feel of the balls is also a plus, providing a comfortable impact on the clubface and decent feedback on each shot. Wilson golf balls also come in a range of styles and colors, allowing golfers to personalize their game. But the question is, how do Wilson Golf Balls compare to the big boy brands of golf?

Best Overall

Wilson Triad Golf Balls

  • Layers: 3

  • Compression: 85

  • Feel: Mid

  • Wedge Spin: Mid-High

  • Handicap: Mid

When it came to overall performance, the Triad model was my favorite among all the Wilson Golf Balls. The Triad would definitely mostly benefit mid-handicap golfers with swing speeds under 105 MPH. The unique 3-piece design offers a nice balance of distance, control, and spin, allowing me to achieve great accuracy and power in my shots.

The feel of the ball wasn't overly soft and provided a comfortable impact on the clubface, giving me solid feedback on each shot. I found that this ball performed well for me on the green, thanks to its spin control.

Best For Low Handicappers

Wilson Staff Golf Balls

  • Layers: 4

  • Compression: 100

  • Feel: Firm

  • Wedge Spin: High

  • Handicap: Low

For me, the Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls offered good distance, allowing me to achieve decent power in my shots. The Wilson Staff is actually their premium model golf ball and their highest-priced ball as well. It is marketed to highly-skilled golfers with low handicaps, and after hours of testing, I have to agree with that assessment.

With its 4-piece design and high compression rating, it is definitely a golf ball catered toward golfers with faster swing speeds (at least 100+ MPH) and low handicaps. In my personal opinion, I thought the ball felt nice off my woods and irons, but I think it is much too firm for the average golfer. If you have a high swing speed and don't mind higher spin rates, then the Wilson Staff could actually be very beneficial to you. However, if you are a casual golfer, this high-priced ball probably isn't worth your time. I

Best For High Handicappers

Wilson DUO SOFT Golf Balls

  • Layers: 2

  • Compression: 35

  • Feel: Soft

  • Wedge Spin: Low

  • Handicap: High

After playing with the Wilson Duo Soft golf balls, I found them to be the most forgiving Wilson Golf Ball I tested, as they seemed to find the fairway quite often. If you're a casual golfer with a swing speed below 95 MPH, the Duo Soft is the Wilson golf ball for you. The low compression design offers a soft feel and increased ball speed, resulting in some decent distance off the tee for the average golfer.

The ball also provides good control and spin, which allowed me to achieve decent accuracy and control around the green. I found the ball to be comfortable to play with and gave me excellent feedback on each shot. Overall, the Wilson Duo Soft golf ball is a solid option for the casual golfer looking for a ball that offers a good balance of performance and feel at an affordable price.

High Handicap / High Spin

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls

After hitting a bunch of the Wilson Staff Zip golf balls, I was actually impressed with their performance. The ball felt great off the clubface and had a nice, soft feel with my irons. It also had good distance, both off the tee and on approach shots.

However, I did notice that the ball tended to spin more than I'm used to, which sometimes caused it to stray off-line on drives and long iron shots. Additionally, I didn't find it as durable as some other golf balls I've used in the past, as it scuffed up pretty easily after a few holes.

Overall, I think the Wilson Staff Zip is a solid, affordable option for average golfers with high handicaps looking for a ball that offers some extra distance on their drives.

Softest Wilson Golf Ball

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

After playing with the Wilson Smart Core golf ball, I have mixed feelings about its performance. On one hand, the ball offers good distance and a soft feel, which is comfortable on the clubface. However, I found the ball's spin control to be subpar, resulting in a lack of accuracy and control around the green. Additionally, while the smart core technology is a unique feature, I didn't feel that it added much value to my game. I think the Wilson Smart Core golf ball is a decent option for casual golfers looking for a ball with a soft feel and good distance, but there are better options out there for those looking for more spin control and accuracy.

Wilson Golf Balls FAQ

Q: What are Wilson golf balls?

A: Wilson golf balls are a line of golf balls produced by Wilson Sporting Goods, a leading manufacturer of sports equipment. They are designed for golfers of all skill levels, and are available in a variety of models to suit different playing styles and preferences.

Q: What types of Wilson golf balls are available?

A: Wilson produces several different models of golf balls, including the Staff Model, the Duo Soft, the FG Tour, the Chaos, the Ultra, Smart Core, Zip and more. Each model is designed with specific features and characteristics to suit different types of golfers.

Q: Can I customize my Wilson golf balls?

A: Yes, Wilson offers custom printing and personalization options for their golf balls. Customers can add their own logos, names, or other designs to create a personalized ball that reflects their individual style and personality.

Q: Where can I buy Wilson golf balls?

A: Wilson golf balls are widely available at sporting goods stores, golf retailers, and online marketplaces. They can also be purchased directly from the Wilson Sporting Goods website.

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